Your Home Security Is About to Get Smarter

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

Your Home Security Is About to Get Smarter

We’re excited to announce a few upcoming enhancements to your current Ring products

Enhanced Night Vision and Motion Detection

You’ll soon notice some color in your nighttime videos. With enhanced color night vision and our latest upgrades to your motion detection, you’ll get the best Ring experience possible.

Motion and Chime Snooze

Want some peace and quiet for a couple hours? Just like the snooze button on your alarm clock, our new Motion Snooze and Chime Snooze features let you silence your alerts for a preset length of time.

Learn more about Motion Snooze Learn more about Chime Snooze

New Custom App Alerts

Choose unique Ring and Motion Alert sounds for each of your Ring devices, including descriptive spoken phrases. Now you can know what’s happening and where, without looking at your mobile device.

Learn more about Alert Tones

The Digital Neighborhood Watch

Communities become safer when neighbors can stay connected and work together to reduce local crime. Invite your friends and neighbors to download the free Ring App and join the digital neighborhood watch – even if they don’t have a Ring Camera. The more neighbors who join, the safer our communities become. When anyone you invite joins Ring Neighborhoods, you’ll each get $10 in Ring Credits!


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