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RING Protect vs NEST Secure

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

Coming soon RING & NEST will both be releasing their version of the D.I.Y. (do it yourself) home security systems. So with so many options already out & about to be released to the market how do you know which one is the best? Home security is a very serious matter & should be chosen after all the research has been given. After all this is your home, family & personal property you are trying to protect right?

You probably already heard of these 2 companies before from RING making the revolutionary Video Doorbell, and NEST for making their ground breaking Learning Thermostat, but did you know that since the initial launch of those products each company has expanded into more security for your home. Each manufacture has also been making security cameras for inside & outside your home. Both are solid products & depending on your needs we believe you are a winner with either one of them. But now at the same time they are booth diving into the alarm systems market & what a ride it will be.

So before we dive into what each of these 2 new systems will offer let me start by saying this.

Until this point home owners & renters have really only been given a few options when it comes to home security systems. We are aware of the big players like ADT, SimpliSafe, Vivent, & Comast, but with the up coming arrival of these new security systems it really opens the market up & gives more options to you the end user.

What are you looking for out of your home's security system? We all are probably used to the traditional keypad, motion sensors & glass break sensors that you arm when you are away or going to bed for the night & disarm when you are home and frequently going in & out of your home. But what kind of notifications are you receiving & should something trigger the alarm what happens?

In this article we won't tell you which between these 2 new security systems to purchase, or invest in any of the other traditional alarm systems. We want to use this article to tell you about each manufactures systems & then you decided which best fits your needs & budget.

So let's dive in. Starting with RING Protect Security Kit.

The Protect Security Kit will be $199 MSRP

It will start Shipping November 2017

It offers: Whole-home security system for any apartment or house.

It includes:

1 Base Station

1 Keypad

1 Contact Sensor

1 Motion Detector

1 Range Extender

professional monitoring for only $10 a month

The Ring Protect Security Kit offers smart whole-home security for any house or apartment. It sends you instant mobile alerts when doors or windows are opened or when motion is detected in your home, putting smart security at your fingertips.

24/7 Protection and Peace of Mind

The Kit includes a backup battery and optional cellular backup, so even if the power and internet goes down, your home will still be protected. And with 24/7 professional monitoring for only $10 a month, whole-home security has never been this affordable.

The Protect Kit is fully customizable and expands to fit any size apartment or house. It also works with all your Ring Video Doorbells and Security Cameras, so you can create a Ring of Security inside and outside your home.

Smart Security, Simple Setup

Unlike other security systems, you don’t need to pay a professional to install your Protect Kit. You don’t even need any tools. It’s that simple. And when you need to move, take Protect with you, and you’ll never worry about expensive moving fees.

Each additional item needed ranges in price but can be found here.

Protect Security Kit

Whole-home security system for any apartment or house.


Protect Base Station

Whole-home security hub for your Ring Protect system.


Protect Keypad

Indoor control panel and keypad for Ring Protect.


Protect Contact Sensor

Door and window sensor for your Ring Protect system.


Protect Motion Detector

Indoor motion sensor for your Ring Protect system.


Protect Range Extender

Extends the network signal from the Protect Base Station.


Compare with other security systems


Now on to NEST SECURE.

As of now it looks like NEST will have a base station / keypad that will give you the ability to arm & disarm your system using the "Nest Tag" fobs. They are utilizing the "Nest Detect" as the door & window sensor that also detects motion, however as of now I haven't seen any mention of a glass break sensor perhaps the Detect is also doing that. Here is what NEST is highlighting about their upcoming system.

Three ways to arm and disarm.

You can arm and disarm with the Nest app from anywhere. Or tap Nest Tag on Nest Guard to tag in and out. You can also enter a passcode on Nest Guard’s keypad. (But only if you like passcodes.)

  • Nest Tag

  • Nest app

  • Passcode

No stressful countdowns, loud beeps or rushing out the door.

Arm the alarm and take your time leaving. With No Rush arming and disarming, Nest Secure lets you choose how much time you need. A friendly voice tells you how much time you have left. And if you forget to set the alarm, you can get a Remind Me alert so you can arm right from your phone.

  • No Rush arm/disarm

  • Remind Me alerts

Tag, you’re in.

Give Nest Tag to family or people you trust. Set a schedule to let someone in at certain times, like your dog walker. And don’t worry if you lose one. You can easily disable it in the Nest app.

  • Tag in and out

  • Set a schedule

One sensor can sense two things.

Stick Nest Detect on a window and you’ll know when it opens. Stick it on a wall and it senses motion in a room. Better yet, stick it on a door and it can do both.

  • Senses motion

  • Senses open/close

And it can do more than sense.

Say the house is armed and you need to leave early or let the dog out. Just press the button on Nest Detect when you open the door. With Quiet Open, the house stays armed and the alarm stays silent. And when you walk past Nest Detect at night, Pathlight helps you see in the dark.

  • Quiet Open

  • Pathlight

Always know what's happening at home

If the alarm goes off, you'll get a security alert on your phone. *Check the free Nest app to see what triggered the alarm - either a door or window opened or someone entered a room. Then you can call the police or your emergency contacts.

  • Get a security alert

  • Verify what's happening

  • Call the police

Nest Cam spots them red-handed

Outdoor Nest Cams can deter intruders from even breaking in. And if they do, indoor Nest Cams spot them in the act. With a Nest Aware subscription, you can even make a video clip to send to the police.

*Mobile notifications, video streaming and video recording require working internet and Wi-Fi (or cellular backup, sold separately).

Still no word on Nest's website of the 24/7 professional monitoring cost, but it will probably be in line with their other subscription cost.

Here is a quick video overview of the Nest Secure system.

So at the end of the day know that as technology evolves newer solutions like these will certainly be showing up more & more. Once again our advise is to do your research & if you want any security system professionally installed MAKE SURE they have are licensed to install alarm systems. Digital Delight does carry our alarm license & once these systems are released we will be more than happy to professionally install it for you. In Texas alarm installers are required to carry a PSB license so make sure whoever you ask to install your alarm system they show you a copy of their license.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this article & if you have any question please feel free to contact us.

Digital Delight

Consumer Electronics Pro


10101 Harwin Dr. Suite 150

Houston, TX 77036

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