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TV Installations

TV Installations

Digital Delight offers TV installation and mounting services in Houston. We are the professionals you call when you want your home to look… well… perfect. Digital Delight has been in business for over two decades. We have helped hundreds of homeowners in Houston design entertainment solutions that leave visitors in awe. Most televisions today are designed to be flat. This is a marked change from the box design that stayed in place for the first 50 years of television design. A standard living room design had to make room for the box design. Maybe it was a television set that stood on its own. It may have been placed on a TV stand or an entertainment center that was built into the wall. Televisions now can hang on a wall or over a fireplace like a beautiful piece of art. That’s exactly what many televisions are today, a work of art!

TV Mounting Service

There are countless blog posts, videos, and how-to guides to show you how to mount your television. So why should you consider a professional TV mounting service? We hear this all the time. Sure, you can change your oil and your brake pads on your car. You can change headlights, install new spark plugs, and even install new car audio. There are videos and books to walk you through the entire process. Most people, even those who are technically inclined, tend to prefer to leave their car maintenance to the professionals. Why? To make sure their car runs as smoothly as possible and lasts as long as needed. In short, they want to get the best results from their investment. Your home is an even more substantial investment than in your car. Most people expect to live in their homes far longer than they will own a vehicle. People who want their home investment to look great and maintain value tend to use our service. When Digital Delight mounts a television, we maintain the integrity of the wall or surface, we hide wires as much as possible, and we make sure that the customer has all of their goals met with the television, its location, and the entertainment needs for the family.

TV Wall Mounting

Televisions today are light enough to hang on the wall. They create the perfect focal point for visual entertainment, while still allowing for optimal placement of furniture around the room. Mounting televisions on the wall has allowed them to be far more versatile in locations. Televisions are no longer simply for the living room or family rooms of the home. Digital Delight has mounted televisions in kitchens, in bathrooms, in garages, and even in hallways. Some homes require a sound system outside the home as well. We have worked on homes that needed a television on the patio or on the side of the house. Digital Delight has a mounting solution for the most creative and unique entertainment desires out there. Call us today for your TV Installation needs!

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