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Consult: Upgrading your home or businesses technology systems needs to be handled with excellent care & attention to detail with your personal security in mind. Digital Delight's on site consultations are very important to providing you with the right technology solutions for your home or business project. While onsite we will listen to your needs & system goals. We will evaluate your current technology devices to see how they can integrate into your new or upgraded system.

Design: Once the consultation is complete Digital Delight will design you a custom proposal with a detailed scope of work and product images & details about what we will be providing & installing. Should your project require blue prints  for our solutions... no problem! We work with some of Houston's top builders, designers & architects. The technology side of your project will be handled with great care & coordination with everyone working on the project.  

Integrate: Our installation team will treat your home or business with the utmost respect. From covering furniture to laying down mats for our ladders & tools, and vacuuming up every spec of dust our installations could create. Our belief is to leave your home or business cleaner than when we arrived. Your wires will be managed & devices updated with the manufactures latest firmware & software updates. Finally once all updates are completed & systems thoroughly tested we will begin our customer educational tutorial.

Educate: Having a clear understanding & knowledgeable use of what you purchased is in our belief the most important aspect in any investment. Above all Digital Delight focuses our efforts to insure that any product we supply is user friendly for all ages. During our customer educational tutorial we put the remotes & applications in the users hands & teach them how to properly operate all the systems features. Before we leave it is our objective to have the users have complete confidence of how to operate their new technology systems.

After Care: At Digital Delight we believe that our relationship with our clients truly starts once the project is complete. We now offer network health management solutions that allow us to be proactive instead of reactive should any system issues arise. This new feature to Digital Delight sends us alerts should there be an issue with a device on your network. We will be able to remotely power cycle devices & troubleshoot out any problem before you even know there was one. We understand & expect from time to time there will be issues with your technology systems, but also believe we can fix majority of these issues remotely before you notice any disruption in your devices & services. With Digital Delight you are treated like our personal family & our goal is to provide you with quality technology solutions & excellent customer service.

After 7 years of issues with audio, etc., calling AT&T dozens of times a year, switching from Time Warner, Comcast, Uverse, etc.... No internet or slow internet, we finally called Digital Delight to solve all our issues. They spent 8 to 9 hours running cables, wires, Sonos system, etc... and even called that evening to help me with remote control and software issues, making sure everything was working right, following up next day on email to inquire if I had any questions. No more internet issues, we have a sound system & internet that finally work. Thank you so much for the great work, and especially the customer service afterwards!





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