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Wifi Installations Houston

WiFi Extenders

Digital Delight is the best provider of WiFi installation services in Houston. The company, founded in 1994, is the number one provider of smart home technology. Most smart home devices today are WiFi capable, allowing for a truly connected, or smart, home. Twenty years ago, WiFi hadn’t quite made it into the lexicon of our society. The word WiFi is used to reefer to a series of wired local area network devices. The definition is far less important than its meaning. WiFi, in practical terms, means that there is a wireless signal for internet or network access. One of the most important factors for a WiFi solution is the strength, or frequency, of the signal. Digital Delight installs WiFi solutions that boost the strength of that signal. Known as WiFi extenders, the devices intensify the WiFi signal through the area.

WiFi At Home

Today’s home is full of people and devices depending on a strong connection to the internet. We have Alexa or echo turning on lights, controlling the air conditioners, brewing coffee, playing music, and managing our sleep patterns. Our favorite television and cable programs can follow us from room to room, screen to screen. Our pantries can even send a signal to our favorite grocer to deliver another stock of groceries and supplies for the home. The smart home stays connected with a strong WiFi signal. It’s not just our appliances that require a strong signal at home. The average home with two parents and two kids might have four smartphones sharing the WiFi signal. It doesn’t matter if it’s a teenager that can’t access their favorite app or a toddler that can’t watch another cartoon on the iPad, loss of WiFi signal can cause a complete meltdown in a home. Adults aren’t exempt from this experience either. A loss of access to work or personal email, or even the ability to watch personal programming on a device other than a television, can lead to tension. These days, happy homes require strong, consistent WiFi.

WiFi At The Office

People have grown to expect strong WiFi at the office, just like they expect strong signal at home. The office computers might all be connected to the WiFi signal rather than an office Ethernet system. The office phone system might be a voice over internet protocol (VOIP) system. Given the amount of global business being executed over the internet, the WiFi connection is one of the most important tools for business. With the right design you will never have to worry about losing signal or having to suffer through a weak signal. If your business has customers onsite, WiFi access is required. From dentists to coffee shops, a lack of strong and stable WiFi could lead to some negative reviews. Digital Delight has several office clients that have unbelievably strong signals because they understood the value it would bring to their business. A little intentionality can go a long way for your brand. Extend your customers’ happiness by extending your WiFi! Call today to learn more about improving the WiFi at your home and your office!

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