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DD Helping to Change the Dialysis Experience

This past year Digital Delight has been given the great opportunity to work with several DIALYSPA locations. DIALYSPA is a company founded on "Changing The Dialysis Experience" for their patients as their moto says. For those of you who may not know what is Dialysis treatment here is a quick excerpt from Wikipedia.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

This article is about renal dialysis. For the laboratory technique, see Dialysis (biochemistry). For treatment for liver failure, see Liver dialysis.

In medicine, dialysis, [from Greek διάλυσις, diàlysis, (dissolution), from διά, dià, (through), and λύσις, (lỳsis) (loosening or splitting)], is the process of removing, by artificial means, excess water, solutes and toxins from the blood in those whose native kidneys have lost the ability to perform those functions. This is referred to as renal replacement therapy.

Dialysis may be used in those with rapidly developing loss of kidney function, called acute kidney injury, (previously called acute renal failure); or slowly worsening kidney function, called Stage 5 chronic kidney disease, (previously called chronic kidney failure and end-stage renal disease and end-stage kidney disease).

Dialysis is used as a temporary measure in either acute kidney injury or in those awaiting kidney transplant; and as a permanent measure in those for whom a transplant is not indicated or not possible.[1]

In Great Britain and the United States, dialysis is paid for by the government. The first successful dialysis was performed in 1943.

So when the Dialyspa approached Digital Delight about way's to make their patients treatment more comfortable & entertaining Digital Delight knew they had the right solution by utilizing simple yet revolutionary technology solutions. Now each Dialyspa center is now featuring 18 "Simplified Smart Stations" for their patients to enjoy.

These Smart Stations include;

* 24" Smart TV mounted to a swivel arm bracket

* DTV Genie Cable Box

We chose these specific devices for this application because they offer the patients the ability to easily control their entertainment source and not have to worry about how to make the TV, volume or system work. Logitech's "Harmony App" is the brain behind the simplified control. With an easy to use mobile app interface the patients can easily choose their favorite channel by simply pressing the channels icon. The staff enjoys these systems as well because they can focus on treatment of their patients rather than mess with the entertainment systems. These systems work reliably giving the Dialyspa workers more time to focus on patient needs. As of today Digital Delight has had the honor of installing these smart station solutions in the following locations Medical Center, The Woodlands, Sugarland, Vintage Park & Pearland. We are excited to continue our work with the Dialyspa & encourage anyone seeking a location for dialysis treament to look into Dialyspa!

We are very proud to have been given the opportunity to work the Dialyspa & highly recommend them to anyone seeking a place for their dialysis treatments.

Dialyspa Locations & Contact Info:

Dialyspa® Medical Center

2453 S. Braeswood Blvd, Suite 100, Houston TX 77030 Get directions

Call to Schedule a Tour Today 713-364-1800

Medical Director: Michael Campbell, MD Facility Administrator: Gitte Puno

Dialyspa® The Woodlands

27172 I-45 North Oak Ridge North, TX 77385

Get directions

Call to Schedule a Tour Today 832-442-2500

Medical Director: Adam Frome, MD Facility Administrator: Samantha Herrera

Dialyspa® Vintage Park

102 Vintage Park Blvd., Ste A Bldg. L, Houston TX 77070 Get directions

Call to Schedule a Tour Today 281-653-5850

Medical Director: Shujauddin Bhuriwala, MD Facility Administrator: Frank Mason

Dialyspa® Sugarland

13444 Southwest Freeway, Suite 1A Sugarland, TX 77478 Get directions

Call to Schedule a Tour Today 346-309-2025

Medical Director: Dolon Das, MD Facility Administrator: Norbert Puno

Dialyspa® Bellaire Home

6800 West Loop South, Suite 190, Bellaire TX 77401 Get directions

Call to Schedule a Tour Today 281-501-9081

Medical Director: Dr. Adrogue Facility Administrator: Maria Oliver

Dialyspa® Pearland

9223 W. Broadway, Suite 109 Pearland, TX 77584

Get directions

Call to Schedule a Tour Today 346-229-5200

Medical Director: Mario Assouad, MD Facility Administrator: Mikko Ringor

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