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The Smart Home Store

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

As of today we have revamped our online web-store & all the products listed with exception to a couple of items will be fulfilled & payments processed via your favorite As an Amazon Associate we will earn from qualifying purchases you find from our store. Our web-store features products we strongly support from great manufactures who make reliable technology solutions for you the end user. As always if you purchase your items online & want them professionally installed. Digital Delight will be here to service that need. You can either D.I.Y. or ask Digital Delight to #D.I.F.Y. (Do It For You).

Thank you all for your support & enjoy the new store.

Here are some of our top "Must Haves" from our new store to create your smart home.



TEXAS | est. 1999 🏘D I G I T A L ☝️ D E L I G H T🇺🇸


☎️ 713.283.8100


📨 10101 Harwin Dr. #150 Houston, TX 77036

Other News Recent Press Releases:

Houston integrator Digital Delight leaves traditional business model based on equipment margin for a high-volume operation using Logitech for control.

Houston integrator Digital Delight uses Logitech Harmony control to outfit seven Dialyspa kidney dialysis centers with individual entertainment options for patient stations

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Apr 26, 2023

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