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Updated: Feb 6, 2019

AV Road House Episode 4: Giving Props to Sonos, and We Fight For Your Right to Rage Against AI!

Join hosts Joe Whitaker, Corey Moss, Kym Frank and Kaleo Lee as they welcome their guests:

This episode is sponsored by:

Chris Thorp: US Head of Field Sales at Sonos, Inc. | Rich Ventura: Vice President of Strategy at NEC Display Solutions | JJ Canon: Founder & CEO of Digital Delight

So originally, there were four hosts and two invited guests. Then one guest couldn’t make it. Then Kym called Rich and he put aside his digital signage hat (for NY Digital Signage Week) to join as a guest for the second time. Then, not to be outdone, Joe conjures up his good friend JJ Canon, another resident Sonos expert, who brings the unexpected – but most excellent.



All begin talking, getting to know one another, trying to get on track — and Joe and Corey can’t figure out who’s hosting this show.

Kym saves the day (In Kym We Trust), and Kaleo – he’s always happy to be along for the ride!

The show begins with the brand new segment “The **** That Joe Says!” Does Joe deliver?

And what does Chris think about it? (the sponsor, y’know).

Joe pops out, Corey talk a bit about NYDSW, Nashville and more (the #AVRoadTrip) – and then Joe pops back in…

With a special hat!

Joe talks Sonos with Chris, as he’s had a long relationship with the company, as has JJ.

He also talks about #SonosDoesCare – listen in.

Stories for Episode 4:

The “They Might Be Giants?” department:

There is also an unscheduled unauthorized #KymData segment which wasn’t sponsored by Sonos. Find out who did.

The “They’re Big in Japan” department":

The “(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Listen!)” department:

Yep, Kym representing

After some more classic (?) banter – it’s time! Corey and Joe’s teams are chosen again to return to…

The Firing Range!

The “Rage Against the AI – is this Art?” department:

The AI in question

No reverse round this time, as there is a hands-down winning team…

So grab a bar stool, rock out with Sonos (& the Beastie Boys!) – and enjoy the show!

Note: There’s language, and we just can’t blame Joe for this **** anymore.

Download and subscribe here. Soon on iTunes.

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