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Video Doorbells: Ring vs Nest which is best for you?

Within the past 3 years, the "Video Doorbell" has really become the standard for entry-level home security. They are generally affordable, easy to install, wireless w/ cloud-based storage options... But which one is best for you & your home? Below you will find a basic introduction into both platforms with some key features & limitations to consider before making your decision.

By now you have probably already heard of the RING Video Doorbell. They really kicked this whole movement off and got the mass market awareness early on. Today RING has 5 different options for Video Doorbells. Each has the same basic features; Push notifications to mobile devices with 2-way communication, but the main differences will be in the resolutions, and wiring for power i.e. rechargeable battery, hardwired or POE (Power of Ethernet). Click the image to learn more about each individual model.

One major thing to consider prior to choosing RING as your Video Doorbell platform is being aware that RING only starts recording once motion is detected. Other platforms do offer 24/7 recording, but if you plan to expand to several other RING devices such as their Floodlight, Spotlight or Stick-Up Cams or even their Ring Protect Alarm system their pricing for storage is very competitive compared to other manufacturers. Also, a great feature addition to RING's mobile app is they built a community inside the application with a section called "Neighbors" where you get the ability to receive & share captured events with your neighbors alerting them to any activity around the neighborhood.

Finally, an important aspect to consider is, are you an "Amazon Alexa" user or "Google Home" user? RING does integrate with Alexa, but NOT with the Google Home platform. So if you already have an Amazon Alexa "Show" or "Spot" then Ring maybe the right platform for you. If you use the Google Home HUB the NEST HELLO might be better suited for your home.


Another video doorbell you may have recently heard about is the NEST HELLO.

The company NEST you probably know, because they made their name with their "Smart Learning Thermostat", but they quickly moved into indoor cams with the popular "Drop-Cam", and then they went to outdoor perimeter cameras & last year releasing their version of a Video Doorbell.

The main feature that sets the NEST HELLO apart from the RING platform is that NEST is one of the companies that do offer a 24/7 video recording. They offer the same push notifications, and 2-way communication & give you the same abilities to export recorded events to text messages, emails or social media post. The HELLO does have a similar design as the Ring Pro, sleek & slim, but has curved/rounded edges. We find that the NEST HELLO is quite popular with customers who are already utilizing the NEST platform for their Thermostats & Security Cameras.

NEST also partnered with YALE a smart door lock company & created the NEST X YALE lock which integrates together under the NEST app giving users additional control over their doors. NEST does integrate w/ the Google Home platform but does not with Amazon's Alexa.

The NEST HELLO currently only has one version, and for power, it has to be wired in & utilizes your existing doorbell chime to alert you inside your home when the doorbell is pushed. You can connect it to Google Home Hub devices if you want notification that way too which is a pretty cool feature addition. We find that clients also enjoy the "quick response" feature for answering anyone that is at your door. The Hello does stand toe to toe with the RING platform, and it does come down to which features matter most to you & which platform is best suited for your home.


In closing, both platforms have their pro's & con's as do all technology devices. They are both pretty similar in features & price. It's like the great debate between Apple & Windows, who can truly say which one is better? It all comes down to your personal preference & needs.

For any additional questions please feel free to reach out to us. We have a lot of experience deploying both platforms & would be happy to share our additional insight & answer any questions you may have.

Thanks for reading.

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Jan 02, 2023

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