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Are your blinds smart?

Have you been wanting to upgrade your existing blinds to smart controllable blinds, but know to throw out the old's and getting the news can be costly? Well, there is an affordable solution on the market called MySmartBlinds which allows you to keep those same blinds, and with a simple conversion kit, you can upgrade those basic blinds to SMART BLINDS!


The MySmartBlinds Story: At MySmartBlinds, innovation is our goal. With dozens of patents pending, our mission is to bring customers products that are designed with quality and efficiency in mind. As a MySmartBlinds customer, you can depend on our products to be consistent with what is happening in the world of smart home design, with convenience and innovation at the forefront.

MySmartBlinds were built on the idea that automated window coverings can be simple. Before our products, automated blinds were expensive and standard Venetian blinds were difficult to install. Automating existing blinds was not an option.

Although remote-controlled blinds were already making their way into homes, we saw a need for truly smart, automated window coverings. MySmartBlinds eliminate the need for a remote control operated automated blind system and put the control into what you already have in the palm of your hand - your smartphone. From DIY-installing to smartphone operation, MySmartBlinds take intimidation out of the equation and put you in charge.

Our obsession with improving products to fit the needs of our customers drives the quality of our brand. The idea for MySmartBlinds has been improved upon and changed multiple times as customers' needs and interests have helped develop our products. Our customers have learned to expect the unexpected - we are always going to be working toward our goal of creating products that automate, simplify, secure, and light your home.

We make comfort, quality, and privacy an attainable reality in your home with our hand-crafted, custom-designed automated window coverings. With most window coverings, and all automated window coverings, installation is tricky and expensive. We think you're smart, and so are our products. Our blinds come equipped with SmartFit technology, so you won't need to pay for installation services. Give us your window's measurements on our website and let us make you blinds you can control in the palm of your hand. Customers who want to automate their existing blinds can do just that. By creating an easy-to-use and intuitive product, we hope to make life a little simpler for all homeowners.

Creating such simple products takes lots of hard work. Our team of bright-minded app developers, mechanical engineers, manufacturing engineers, electrical engineers, and all the people in between have helped to create electro-mechanical products that are attainable for everyone. The blinds are smart because of the brain power behind them. By creating such a simple product, we have made it possible for everyone to be a smart homeowner.

We are constantly working on new products - new styles of window coverings, new ways to control the light in your house, and new opportunities to let sunlight power your smart home. We want to bring you every trend in smart window coverings by challenging, changing, innovating, and breaking the mold of outdated ideas. We strive to improve your home's ease and comfort.

Since our mission is to create truly smart products, our work never stops. And neither does our technology. With the MySmartBlinds motor, you can expect updates in light, privacy, and security monitoring; accessibility; and control. We built our MySmartBlinds motor knowing that we would update and grow, so we built it smart. That means, if you buy a MySmartBlinds blind with a motor, or you automate your existing blinds with our Automation Kit, you won't need to repurchase in order to reap the benefits of each update.

We are simple. We are solar. We are smart.


Here is a demo of one of our clients that got the MySmartBlinds solution & absolutely loves it!

This client of ours got their entire home fitted with custom cut MySmartBlinds, and the results are breath taking. The "Smart-Blinds" are continuously charged via the MSB solar panel & have sun tracking to help save on energy usage. A bigger bonus is the ability to have the blinds adjust at times to make this clients home always look occupied deterring any potential security risks. Talk about a Simple | Smart | Solar | AND! Security feature upgrade.


Thinking of D.I.Y.'ing it? GREAT! MySmartBlind's YouTube page is filled with some great step-by-step videos showing you how to install your own MySmartBlinds system. Make sure you subscribe to their channel:


As always thanks for reading & should you need further assistance please don't hesitate to give us a call 713.283.8100 or shoot us an email:

D I G I T A L ☝️ D E L I G H T 🌐 ☎️713-283-8100 📧

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