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Smart Home Cleaning

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Initially when thinking of the phrase "Smart Home" you probably think of names & devices like Amazon Alexa or Google Home, Nest Thermostats, Ring Video Doorbells, Lutron or Philips Hue for Lighting Control, or even perhaps home automation companies like Logitech, C4, Creston or Savant. Perhaps you even visited our store to see the 6 Must Have's to Transform Your "Basic Home" into a "Smart Home".

But what about the "Smart Home" devices that help clean & maintain your home? Do you remember Rosie the maid/housekeeper from the Jetsons?

Her function was to keep the future home clean & in order, & to serve the Jetson's family. You may most recently remember the movie Wall-E which had a slew of service providing robots performing a manner of different tasks for the residence aboard the Axiom. Today in the real world, companies like iRobot, Alfawise and many more are taking a different path when approaching the concept of what makes the home "Smart".

Yesterday while sitting at my desk working I saw a commercial for this device the "Giddel" which inspired this blog post. The Giddel is marketed as the "Toilet Cleaning Robot".

Now while this might be kinda "gimmicky" at first glance, it got me thinking. We have a dishwasher to clean our cups, plates & flatware, a washer & dryer to clean our clothes, and most recently the iRobot "Roomba" to vacuum the house. But what's cleaning the toilet? So while this device is still priced fairly high... cleaning the toilet is still probably one of the least desirable cleaning tasks to perform in the house, so why not have a "Smart Home" robot do it for you?

All of these "Robots" are inherently smart tech devices. We utilize them to save time performing tasks we would rather not do. If we are truly stepping into the age of the "Smart Home" these time saving cleaning & household management devices have to be a part of it right?

The iRobot you may know from their famous "Roomba" the smart vacuum cleaner, but did you know they also make many other house, pool & lawn cleaning/maintenance products?

Check out their website to see all these cool new smart tech robots that can help perform tasks you probably don't want to do or are paying a service to perform for you.

If you followed this year's CES you may have heard about the device that will fold your clothes, the "FoldiMate". I remember seeing this meme on the internet and thinking to myself "Yup!". Well, now devices like this "FoldiMate" are finally here or coming here in the coming months. Will devices like this be on your wish list? I know if the price is right it will have a nice spot next to my washer & dryer.

Other companies are still trying to get off the ground and make a name for themselves, but you can be sure ideas like this are coming.

Take this once "Kickstarter" idea "Smartduvet". Tired of making the bed? This smart home solution will do that for you, and with a Dual Zone Climate Control feature, Smartduvet offers you complete control over the temperature of each side of the bed, so no more fighting over room temperature.

As you can see development into this new phase of "Smart Home" technology is underway. This area is still largely untapped & needs ideas & innovation to get us to that Jetson's way of life. I am hopefully optimistic that we will one day get there, but as for now keep checking in with Digital Delight for the latest in technology news & innovation.

So now is when I ask, "What tasks around your home do you find a pain to perform?"

"Are you hiring/paying someone to perform these services?" "Is it a service a 'Robot'/Smart-Home-Device could do?" and finally, "At what price point do you feel comfortable investing in these kind of technology solutions?"

Drop a comment below & as always thank you for reading.

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