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Where's My Dang Keys!

We have all been there your running late, it's raining, your hands are full & you can't find your dang keys! AAAHHH!!!! Nowadays there are many solutions on the market to help elevate this frustration & today we share a few ideas that you might just find useful.


The first line of preventative action you should take is to add a wireless key finder like Amazon's "Best Seller" Tile Mate 4-Pack for $49.00. Marketed as " The world’s best-selling Bluetooth tracker, the NEW Tile Mate attaches to keys, purses or anything else you couldn’t live without."

To learn more about this Tile Mate check out their website and see if they are the right solution for you.

Of course they aren't the only option on the market for a wireless key finder. Esky Key Finder is another popular item on Amazon for $26.99 and comes with a controller, 1 RF Transmitter & 6 Receivers. To discover even more options that might be better suited for your applications & budget check out this YouTube Video of the Top 4: Key Finders.


As you know at Digital Delight we are all about the Smart Home Tech, and this list wouldn't be completed without highlight some of today's smart door locks with key-less entry. Yesterday in the Smart Tech to Manage your Vacation/Rental Property Efficiently blog we made mention of the new NEST X YALE lock, but today let's look at some other options.

You may have walked down the Home Depot or Lowe's locks isle and seen some available options, but didn't know which makes & models would be best for you. Companies like Kwikset, Schlage & August all make keypad or keyless locks which works great depending on the application. Some of these locks can connect over the internet or via Bluetooth technology. Today most of them have the ability to integrate into other 3rd party smart home device apps utilizing the network or the Z-Wave or Zigbee connection which allows for remote control & push notifications to your mobile devices. The integration we found people find the most important nowadays is with voice control via Amazon Alexa, Google Home or Apple's Home Kit. Which most of these lock manufactures are building in with newer generations.

Now we wouldn't say any of these locks are better than the others it would come down to what best fits your application, desired features & budget. No matter what, there should be an available option that best suits your home. To dive deeper into each model & determine which system might be best for your application we encourage you to reach out to us directly at; or call us 713.283.8100


Another scenario similar to losing your key is losing your garage clicker or maybe the batteries died out & now you have to replacement before you can get it. By adding a simple MyQ or Aladdin internet gateway to your existing garage door system you can have the ability to open or close this door from anywhere in the world with your handy dandy cellphone or tablet.

Companies like Lift Master & Chamberlain both make these "Retro Fit" additions utilizing the MyQ technology and if you have a GENIE garage door you would need to look at the Aladdin platform. Prior to purchase you would need to research that your existing garage door motor / system is compatible with this upgrade. Additional bonuses to adding this system is you also receive push notifications when the garage is opened or closed, and at any point you can check the current status of the garage in case you think you left it open by accident. For the investment this easy to install addition has great return.


In closing we understand your frustration when you misplaced your keys or think you accidentally left a door unlocked or garage open. We hope these simple D.I.Y. devices inspire you to upgrade some of those basic systems and give you more control over your home & property.

As always thanks for reading, and from all of us at Digital Delight we wish you a happy Friday & a wonderful weekend.

D I G I T A L ☝️ D E L I G H T

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Stephen Adams
Stephen Adams
Mar 30, 2023

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